Friday, December 2, 2016

The Dental Implant vs. Bridge Conundrum

Patients will always ask me if I recommend a bridge or dental implant.  First an understanding of both procedures is required. A bridge will require the patient to reduce the adjacent teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. This, sadly, is very difficult for me to justify, given both adjacent teeth are healthy and do not require full coverage crowns. This  will be restored with a one piece restorative unit encompassing three teeth, which is then cemented in permanently. Daily maintainence is also an ordeal.  Since the restoration is connected as one piece, bridges cannot be flossed similar to regular teeth.  

Dental implants serve as root replacements. After healing, a tooth is attached to this implant, mimicking the original tooth. Implant teeth are difficult to separate from natural teeth as they are cosmetically similar and they can be flossed normally as well. 

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